Saina (2021) – sports biopic review, on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s unbelievable that “Saina” comes from someone who made Taare Zameen Par.

Saina is old hindi bipoicy formulated movie which right intentions but not so tight execution.

Unprofessional, unpromising, unsympathetic, uncharmismatic, unconditionally bad. Filled with non natural performances.

Saina is like that cherry which looks glossy but tastes artificial.

There are two Malik’s in this movie Meghna Malik and Armaan Malik. But Meghna Malik as Usha Rani Nehwal does a wonderful job and has single handedly upped the acting game in the movie.
Armaan Malik’s music is in stark contrast to the other Malik. No feel, no retention. Yet bearable unlike “Tony Kakkad”. 😅
Subhrajyoti Barat who plays Saina’s dad Dr Harvir Singh Nehwal also does a good job. (You might have seen him in Mirzapur on same Amazon Prime platform).
Manav Kaul’s as charming as always he portrays Pullela Gopichand and
Ankur Vikal looks fresh and interesting but again bad writing overpowers good performances.
Eshan Naqvi looks promising and cute but doesn’t get much written for his role.
Manav Kaul’s near perfect hindi with Nakko makes it funny and intentional relevancy lays flat.

Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor was signed to play Nehwal’s role, and she even started filming in September 2018 after training, but later she opted out of the film due to health issues. Even Paresh Rawal was roped in to play Saina’s father.
After seeing the visuals from YT I personally feel Shradha Kapoor looks more like Saina than Parineeti.

Dialoguebaazi itni thi nahi, writing could have been better. Thoda toh MSD se inspired hote.. That was such a delightful movie. Even Saina’s mole changes it’s size after every shot that’s the consistency of this movie.

Disappointed because P.Kashyap has been shown only in hindsight that too just as a chocolaty cherry boy. Felt bad for him. Would have looked as his perspectives also. That’s what a biopic has to do right explore different personalities in different perspectives.

This one is just a plain single tone biopic.

Available on Amazon Prime Video. Don’t watch if you have something better to watch. Even old matches of Saina Nehwal. Carolina Marine, P.V Sindhu can be found on YouTube and enjoyed while having comfort dinner of Dal Rice or Chole Bhature/Puri at dinner time/table.

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