Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi

 It’s a party… Yes a death party for viewers, party of great actors together in a mourning setting. 
Naseeruddin shah aka Ramprasad passes away on a Piano, and there after the movie begins. 

Pankaj : Mamaji aap aa gaye? 

Mamaji : hum toh sabse pehle aaye the.. 

All this while they await to take the body to crematorium. 

Pankaj : Jijaji aap kab aaye? 

Jijaji : hum toh kabse yaha bethe hai ab aankh padi tumhari.. 

Meanwhile Mamaji : sabse pehle toh hum aaye the.. ūüėā

From ek dusre ko suna dena, to bahu’s back bitching and silly brother sister banters, this movie has a sarcastic and hilarious take on reality.. The ultimate reality – DEATH. In the time of Covid pandemic Yeh sab toh past life wala scene ho gaya but still many relate to this kind of setting. It has all from young kids to teenagers, to fufajis, taujis, chacha’s, bhabhi’s,nanands, jiji’s and jijajis.
Pankaj aka Ninad says hum toh beech wale bache hai, bado ko responsibility aur choto ko pyaar milta hai.. Hume toh koi puchta tak nai.. Sab Nalle samajhte hai..

Bus phool chada dene se matam khatam ho jata hai kya..

This movie tries to showcase the true nature of our hypocritical society we live filled with insecurities, politics and as Indians the famous crab like bringing each other down at the very first instance. 
The film premiered at MAMI РMumbai Academy of moving Image, Mumbai Film festival (festival director РAnupama Chopra) in 2019, theatrically on 1st Jan 2021, and many went to watch this in cinema hall, after a long time due to Covid-19. Makers of this movie accuse Pagglait of hell lot similarities, I so wish Pagglait and Ramprasad ki tehrvi could amalgamate themselves and inculcate both the stories naturally. Maza hi aa jaye.. Tab toh Keh sakte hai #tumtohbadeheavydriver nikle. 

The very big ensemble cast feels underutilized, it includes :

+ Naseeruddin Shah is seen as a music teacher again after Bandish Bandits. 
+ Supriya Pathak Kapoor as just Amma is fine and we have seen her before like this.

+ Manoj Pahwa as Gajraj in reel life and as husband of Director in real..
+ Vikrant Massey again portrays a cute boy with bad intentions after Dolly and Kitty and again gets slapped by women. 

+¬†In the middle of all chaos Konkana Sen Sharma comes as Seema, a breath of fresh air but again the chaos gets multiplied, but it’s common to see Konkana and some illicit stuffs again after Dolly and Kitty, this time with Vikrant Massey rather than Amol Parashar.¬†

+Vineet Kumar as Mamaji does a interesting take on his role. +Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Neetu originally Nishant does a fantastic and soothing kinda role. 

+Deepika Amin is beautiful with flaws just as required. + Ninad Kamat a voiceover artist and a actor who has even sung for this movie goes decent. +Brijendra Kala as Jijaji is seldomly seen. 

+Alka Kaushal is relatable. +Rajendra Gupta of Chidiya Ghar fame is comically good. 

+Sanah Kapoor as young amma does a good job.¬†+Manukriti Pahwa daughter of Seema and Manoj Pahwa plays Vikrant Massey’s love interest.¬†It’s interesting to see real life brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Naseeruddin Shah and Supriya Pathak playing husband and wife.
This movie definitely touches all Indian households and the family funeral reunion does work as a great story and human exploitation plot. Nostalgia factor for many too. 
This marks the directorial debut of actress Seema Pahwa and she’s loved and appreciated by all but I really wished to see her even in a small role though.¬†Music is really fresh and soothing given by Sagar Desai but songs seem unwarranted for.¬†Cinematography is highly worthy too.¬†The movie is slow and that’s how the director Seema Pahwa wanted it maybe.¬†A lot of the movie is written from experience on a personal level is what’s felt to the viewers.¬†The film feels stretchy like mozzarella, liked by some and not enjoyed by some and clearly editing table could be reworked. Writing too could be collaborated at a writers table like in other country’s to get more out of a creative project.¬†The irony being the tehrvi of character is on 1st Jan and the film released in theatres on 1st Jan is some divine intervention or just a random coincidence is a mystery.¬†Simple characters layered with complexities of joint family and emotions.¬†A definite film to watch over with your “joint” and joint family alike.¬†It’s produced by Jio Studios and Drishyam, so available to watch this Ghar ghar ki kahani on Netflix and Jio Cinemas both.
Kuch bhi kha sakte hai Iss movie ko dekhte dekhte… Yaha par koi rok nahi hai.. For starters start with Chai (adrak, tulsi, kali mirch aur cinnamon wali…sath me tadka bhi Maar sakte ho ūüėÖmovie reference hai.. Nahi pata chali toh phir se dekho) and Toast, munch on some roasted or fried peanut, badme sabudana vada aur pav bhaji se finish bhi kar sakte ho..



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