Great Indian!!

In less than 24 hours I had the privilege to watch Jeo Baby’s last two movies. One being a less than average film with a title of ‘Kilometers and Kilometers’ and another a gem called ‘The great Indian Kitchen’. The sarcasm in this blog and movie title is upfront yet many don’t get it.

The second one is a gem not because of it’s dialogues, cinematography, music or sceneic representation but rather despite of it, just because of it’s story and subject. 

At least 5 people I personally know had recommended me to watch this movie, from a Bengali to Malayalis. Finally got to watch it with a friend’s subscription on Neestream. Totally worth the hype and it’s high time we change the Patriarchal norms acoustamisd in our society to Equality in the real sense. 

As a male and that too a newly married one, this movie was totally relatable not the torture parts but rather, I did feel guilty that women had/has to go such ordeals of hardships and exploitation. From childhood I have been told to pick my own things and get my own water but how many families do they teach such discipline? 

Jeo Baby says Amazon and Netflix rejected his movie, Netflix should have choosen this over Kilometers and Kilometers.

Like Government exempts few movies from entertainment tax, such movies on OTT platform should also be made free or subsidized. As the Union budget today focused on PPP we should also have PPP model for brilliant and movies that are pivotal to the society. As someone said that “Rang de Basanti” was a Superhit but same applied in real life is not much appreciated for instance Farmer’s Protest. Why so Hypocritical Society?? Why…

The saying goes discrimination begins from home, I would say discrimination starts from Kitchen. Domestic violence is a serious issue in India and also the world but it’s seldomly spoken about forget about addressing the issue, kuch states me toh bolte hai “Haa apni biwi ko toh Maar rahe hai tumhari thodi na Maar rahe hai” it’s funny and satirical at the same time. Like in the movie Thappad, Tapsee says “Haa it’s a slap lekin nahi Maar sakta”.

Atleast Kerala had the guts to make and release this movie, in the Northern,Eastern and Western even few Southern belts of India I doubt that it would be released so easily, some or the other “Sena” would have objected, called out, and threatened to boycott or even chop off heads. Even if the problem is persisted in all parts but atleast few states have the courage to show up. The first step towards solving any problem is identification and acceptance of the problem. This isn’t a gutsy or great cinema rather it’s just reality portrayal in the simplistic way possible. 

No music and no nonsense. Just the female protagonist Nimisha Sajayan her husband played by Suraj Venjaramood and her choppping, mopping, cleaning.
Not all abuses are direct and evident like verbal or sexual, some are intrusion of private space and freedom, causing immense internal violence. 
This film touches the chords of many people because it’s so realistic and relatable. Everyone has experienced some kind of such tragic moments. 

The film also talks about the most important topic Oops sorry the taboo we Indians have. The obsession we have with Periods. Period.
It’s a natural biological thing why create so much fuss about it. I hope someday everything changes for good. What women does is her calling no man or even other women can have a say in it. It’s like a foreigner telling us how to make Panipunri. If you haven’t experienced having any Panipunri how can you dictate. The same logic would have applied to men also if they got periods. No women or any other men would have a say in it. 

Submission is not the solution.

I love the way in the end, she drives her car but what I really really love is the subtle presence of Chekutty dolls, if you don’t know what they are kindly Google it. Also as a Gujrati I feel proud that a Gujrati samaj school is shown in the end. Also a beautiful and brilliant dance performance in the end far better than Dance India Dance type’s. 

This movie should be shown to newly weds, college students and even school children. 

A movie not just to be watched, but to be thought, discussed, debated, and evoluted and finally implemented.

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My reviews of movies in 2020.

2020 was the year when Amazon Prime said – ”Yeh bhi theek hai” , from Netflix to SonyLiv all OTT platforms and content providers made a significant jump.

With enough of time during lockdown and quarantine, I saw more than 200 movies / shows.

Top 3 Jewels

No 1 – Breaking Bad – Took a long time to finish all the seasons but it was totally worth it)

No 2 – Money Heist was good to watch.

No 3 – Scam 1992 -I was the first one in my circle to see lala.

Many more but that you can find here – worst movies of 2020 were

there is no numbering here because all were infinitely terrible.

Coolie No1, Sadak 2, Laxmii.

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New Oxygen for life.

My thoughts on the new oxygen amidst the pandemic. Oxygen which we might not need but we certainly consume.

Dhanya dhany ho gaya.. 🤭😁

The most beautiful stories come from day to day mundane life experiences. What better than living a life of mechanical engineer in a Indian household.

Mechanical engineering ko royal mech bulate hai… Kaiko? 🙄

Read this piece I wrote, it’s a Sunshine Story about personal experience.

Let me know your thoughts / suggestions / inputs. If you find it funny do share and show some love.

Here it is –

Favorite topics of 2020

If there is a one thing that has boomed apart from Covid infection in 2020 it is the content and memes. It was a soothing “marham” in lockdown and a way to take a dump. 🤭

Statistics revel that every time there’s a Zoom call, Instagram usage was 3X.

Let me also join this bandwagon. Here is my listicle.

Alternate Jobs during Pandemic!!

Lockdown was a massive experiment with experience ranging from job loss to appetite gain. It taught many family values to adding value to anything.

Here is my take on alternative jobs during the ongoing 2019 – 2020 – 2021 pandemic.

You can find the image to read or open the link.

Jor se bolo “No Corona, No Corona”.

Written by the legendary writer Mayur Panchamia 😂 for a media house.

Let me know if you liked it, hated it. Felt good.

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Unnes bees in 20-20!!

Dear 2020, you have been *&^%@|< so go to *&+@%^>

This year I got married, we got Corona.. Nothing correlated… Hehe.. 

We travelled from end of Indian east coast  to West end, from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal. From mountains of Coorg to Koppa, from Hyderabad to Surat, from self driven cars to rental scooters to cruise. Visiting farms to lakes, from 5 stars to a random place to stay in wild and forest. From Malacca strait to Gulf of Khambhat have travelled more than 3000 Kms in Ferries, ships and cruises this year. From Bay of Bengal to Arabian Sea. From Islands,creeks to mountains and beaches.

2020 made us do every kind of shoots from wedding to x-rays and CT scans. Haha.

This year a lot of people couldn’t travel much but thankfully we could travel all these places in 2020.

List of places we visited in 2020 : 

January – Hyderabad

February – Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Mumbai, Surat, Saurashtra. 

March – Mumbai

October – Coorg, Madikeri Western Ghats 

December – Surat, Dummas Beach, Western ports of India, Bhavnagar, Hathab beach. 

To finally hospital and then home sweet home… 

From desi food to Dalgona coffee to Annakut at home, food wise we have been more wise and on the rise this year. Surati locho to Shakti Sandwich, hara bhara kababs to unlimited Maggie, bhel to bhajiyas, khajur milk to food plates during quarantine, kadhi to krazy cousins! 

From weddings to silly endings and from love to light. 2020 has seen it all… 

2020 was kind enough to show me some amazing resorts,home stays & hotels to a hospital bed. A year can do a lot of difference. 2020 made us anxious, calm at the same time..This year has been hard for many, toughest for some, It was bearable only because of comforting people like you and thank you for the constant push, support and love not to forget Netflix and good food. Have watched more than 200 movies/series this year GOAT to Coolie no.1. You can find my reviews here –

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Next year I oath to read more and watch less. Do recommend books.

In the words of Naseer Tura  2020 was – vo ham-safar tha magar us se ham-navai na thi..

Bus ab 2021 ko kisi ki nazar na lage lekin Vaccine zarur lage.. G phate toh phate lekin vaccine lage.

If there is anything you want to say, tell me. If it’s personal and close you can DM. Let’s surprise each other.

2021 marks the beginning of a new decade, many will get new jobs, will start new chapters and booklets of their life and many will end it too. A decade of new experiences and expertise let’s all take it with ease and simplicity. 

May 21 brings 21 kinds of joy and happiness to each one of us and I hope it brings “Achhe aur Sachhe din” filled with inspiration,hope, good music and good food, resilience, and everything you love. 

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1 + N o r d

“One” phone which I have been using since 2012 is OnePlus. The legacy goes back to the original plus one – ONEPLUS One and then I moved on to OnePlus 5T and then now to Oneplus Nord.

As a company it strikes a good day between newness or “oneness” with technology and affordability. Something new! Different always. Nord is a new varient and I have loved the look and feel of it. Seems interesting but I have to give it some more time to get hands on.

Here sharing my unboxing video. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Kill Anxiety Easily!

Anxiety can be easily handled if you could just confront people  from who you get intimidated by or who make you anxiously nervous or nervously anxious, you just need to talk to them of course with an open heart and broad mind, ask them how do they feel about you, what kind of vibes do they get while your around and any other doubts you have regarding yourself rather than you speculating some real crazy stuff about you and making a monster out of a muffin. Mind you here we ain’t seeking validation from any one but letting our fears out in open and figuring out solutions through talks and discussions.

As the saying goes situations and plots are scarier in our heads than in reality. So conversations and communication is a basic step towards reducing anxiety, just talk it out, speak your heart and also be respectful about it.

“The best way to de-stigmatize anything is to talk about it”.

}Just simply go and talk to them rather than raising questions in your brain. 

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